Kluber 德国克鲁勃 Stabutherm GH 461 高温润滑脂 NLGI 1 25kg桶装
  • Kluber 德国克鲁勃 Stabutherm GH 461 高温润滑脂 NLGI 1 25kg桶装

Kluber 德国克鲁勃 Stabutherm GH 461 高温润滑脂 NLGI 1 25kg桶装

Klüber Stabutherm GH 461 High temperature grease NLGI 1 25kg bucket




  • 产品描述
    • 商品名称: Kluber 德国克鲁勃 Stabutherm GH 461 高温润滑脂 NLGI 1 25kg桶装

    Klüber Stabutherm GH 461 High temperature grease NLGI 1 25kg bucket

    Stabutherm GH 461 高温润滑脂 NLGI 1 | 编号 020511
    • STABUTHERM GH 461 是一种基于矿物油和聚脲的高温润滑脂。
    • 它具有较宽的使用温度范围,可应用于最高 180°C 的滚动轴承。如果润滑剂用于中央润滑系统,则工作温度可能高达 200°C。
    • STABUTHERM GH 461 具有高效的抗磨损性能。该润滑脂在静态和动态负载下都具有很强的粘性和防水性。
    • STABUTHERM GH 461 抗氧化并提供可靠的防腐蚀保护。
    • 尺寸:25kg
    • 包装类型: 桶
    • 还提供:370g 筒装、400g 筒装、1kg 罐装、5kg 桶装、50kg 桶装、180kg 桶装
    • 减少润滑剂成本,由于
      • 降低消耗
      • 由于出色的防水性,减少了废水处理成本
    • 更长的组件寿命和无故障运行由于
      • 良好的磨损保护,即使在高温下也具有良好的承载能力
      • 出色的防腐蚀保护
    • 在中央润滑系统中经过验证的泵送性和计量
    • STABUTHERM GH 461 特别适用于冶炼厂和轧钢厂的应用,尤其适用于通过中央润滑系统提供的高温润滑点,例如
      • 连铸设备中的驱动辊(板坯和方坯)
      • 连续炉中的输送辊
    • STABUTHERM GH 461 也适用于其他高温应用,例如:
      • 退火炉、烘干炉
      • 铸造起重机中的滑动轴承
      • 纸板制造厂的热辊
      • 道路柏油机
      • 散装材料装置中的关闭门
      • 冷床、输送系统
      • 回转窑
      • 汽车、饮料、玻璃和陶瓷行业的机器和设备
    • STABUTHERM GH 461 可以泵送通过所有常见类型的润滑系统。
    • 确定管道摩擦值是为了评估中央润滑系统的泵送性。
     组合物,增稠剂  聚脲
     组成,油的类型   矿物油
     色彩空间   浅褐色的
     质地  均匀的,长纤维状的
     使用温度,下限  -20℃
     使用温度,上限,在连续润滑的情况下  180℃
     NLGI 等级,DIN 51818   1个
     基础油运动粘度 100°C  约 31.5 平方毫米/秒
     基础油运动粘度 40°C  约 490 平方毫米/秒
     滴点,DIN ISO 2176 / IP 396  ≥ 240 °C





    Stabutherm GH 461 High-temperature lubricating grease NLGI 1 | N° 020511
    • STABUTHERM GH 461 is a hightemperature lubricating grease based on mineral oil and polyurea.
    • It has a wide service temperature range and can be applied in rolling bearings up to 180°C. If the lubricant is used in central lubrication systems, operating temperatures up to 200°C are possible.
    • STABUTHERM GH 461 features highly effective anti-wear properties. The grease is very adhesive and resistant to water both under static and dynamic load.
    • STABUTHERM GH 461 is resistant to oxidation and provides reliable protection against corrosion.
    • Size: 25kg
    • Packaging type: bucket
    • Also available in: 370g cartridge, 400g cartridge, 1kg can, 5kg bucket, 50kg bucket, 180kg barrel
    Benefits for your application
    • Reduction of lubricant costs due to
      • lower consumption
      • reduced waste water disposal costs due to excellent water resistance
    • Longer component life and trouble-free operation due to
      • good wear protection, good load- carrying capacity even at high temperatures
      • excellent corrosion protection
    • Proven pumpability and metering in central lubrication systems
    • STABUTHERM GH 461 is particularly suitable for applications in smelting works and rolling mills, especially for high-temperature lubrication points supplied through a central lubrication system, e.g.
      • Drive rollers in continuous casting installations (slabs and billets)
      • Conveyor rollers in continuous furnaces
    • STABUTHERM GH 461 is also suitable for other high-temperature applications, such as:
      • Annealing furnaces, drying stoves
      • Plain bearings in foundry cranes
      • Hot rolls in cardboard manufacturing plants
      • Road tarmacking machines
      • Shut-off gates in bulk material installations
      • Cooling beds, conveyor systems
      • Rotary kilns
      • Machines and installations in the automotive, beverage, glass and ceramics industries
    Application notes
    • STABUTHERM GH 461 can be pumped through all common types of lubrication systems.
    • Pipe friction values were determined in order to assess the pumpability in central lubrication systems.
     Composition, thickener  polyurea
     Composition, type of oil   mineral oil
     Colour space   beige
     Texture  homogeneous , long fibrous
     Service temperature, lower limit  -20 °C
     Service temperature, upper limit, in case of continuous lubrication  180 °C
     NLGI grade, DIN 51818   1
     Kinematic viscosity of the base oil 100°C  approx. 31.5 mm²/s
     Kinematic viscosity of the base oil 40°C  approx. 490 mm²/s
     Dropping point, DIN ISO 2176 / IP 396  ≥ 240 °C