Loctite 567 螺纹密封剂低强度 250ml 管
  • Loctite 567 螺纹密封剂低强度 250ml 管

Loctite 567 螺纹密封剂低强度 250ml 管




  • 产品描述
    • 商品名称: Loctite 567 螺纹密封剂低强度 250ml 管

    LOCTITE® 567™ 设计用于金属锥形螺纹和配件的锁定和密封。该产品在紧密贴合的金属表面之间隔绝空气的情况下固化,并防止冲击和振动造成的松动和泄漏。

    • 提供强大的固化性能
    • 它不仅适用于活性金属(例如黄铜、铜),还适用于不锈钢和电镀表面等钝性基材
    • 该化合物的高润滑性能可防止不锈钢、铝和所有其他金属管螺纹和配件磨损
    • 该产品具有高温性能和耐油性
    • 它可以承受各种油类的轻微表面污染,例如切削液、润滑液、防腐液和保护液
    • 内容量:250ml管
    • 提供 50ml 管装


    技术 丙烯酸纤维
    化学类型 甲基丙烯酸酯
    外观(未固化) 光滑、奶油状、灰白色糊状物LMS
    成分 一种组分 -
    粘度 高的
    治愈 厌氧
    二次治疗 活化剂
    应用 螺纹密封
    力量 低的


    • LOCTITE® 567™ 推荐用于化学加工、石油精炼、纸浆/造纸、废物处理、纺织、公用事业/发电、船舶、汽车、工业设备、气体压缩和分配行业的工业应用。还推荐用于工业工厂流体动力系统




    LOCTITE® 567™ is designed for the locking and sealing of metal tapered threads and fittings. The product cures when confined in the absence of air between close fitting metal surfaces and prevents loosening and leakage from shock and vibration.

    • Provides robust curing performance
    • It not only works on active metals (e.g. brass, copper) but also on passive substrates such as stainless steel and plated surfaces
    • The high lubricating properties of this compound prevent galling on stainless steel, aluminum and all other metal pipe threads and fittings
    • The product offers high temperature performance and oil tolerance
    • It tolerates minor surface contaminations from various oils, such as cutting, lubrication, anti-corrosion and protection fluids
    • Content: 250ml tube
    • Available as 50ml tube

    Technical specifications

    Technology Acrylic
    Chemical Type Methacrylate ester
    Appearance (uncured) Smooth, creamy, off-white pasteLMS
    Components One component -
    requires no mixing
    Viscosity High
    Cure Anaerobic
    Secondary Cure Activator
    Application Thread sealing
    Strength Low


    • LOCTITE® 567™ is recommended for industrial applications in the chemical processing, petroleum refining, pulp/paper, waste treatment, textile, utilities/power generation, marine, automotive, industrial equipment, gas compression and distribution industries. It is also recommended for industrial plant fluid power systems