Molyduval Syntholube G 220 EP 200 L 合成齿轮油
  • Molyduval Syntholube G 220 EP 200 L 合成齿轮油

Molyduval Syntholube G 220 EP 200 L 合成齿轮油




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    • 商品名称: Molyduval Syntholube G 220 EP 200 L 合成齿轮油
    产品信息“Molyduval Syntholube G 220 EP,溶于 200 L 合成齿轮油”





    * 与矿物油不相容
    * 良好的压力吸收能力
    * 减少磨损
    * 全合成
    * 由于良好的抗氧化性和耐热性,使用寿命长 * 优异的
    * 低摩擦系数
    * 与某些塑料和弹性体不相容,请询问如有必要,与特殊材料兼容



    * 用于高温范围内的链条
    * 用于运行缓慢但负载较重的工业齿轮
    * 用于塑料工业中的压延机
    * 用于链条、传动链和输送链,例如输送系统、巴氏灭菌系统、发酵系统、分拣系统、剥皮机、包装和贴标机、收缩隧道
    * 用于在极高环境温度或其他不利操作条件下工作的工业齿轮
    * 用于齿轮、工业齿轮
    * 用于齿轮,特别是蜗轮,因为它比传统齿轮具有更好的摩擦系数油
    * 作为无压硫化、回火塑料部件和印刷电路板制造中的传热流体

    脂肪基础油: 聚乙二醇油 (PG)
    产品组: 润滑油
    应用领域: 工业齿轮油
    制造商: 莫利杜瓦尔
    包装单位: 200升桶



    Product information "Molyduval Syntholube G 220 EP in 200 L synthetic gear oil"

    Synthetic gear oil

    A synthetic high-performance lubricating oil for industrial gears, circulating systems and high-temperature hydraulic systems. Proven for years for worm gears. Polyglycols are used as base oils, which are characterized by excellent high-temperature stability and very low coefficients of friction. The low coefficients of friction are particularly advantageous for worm gears, since there is a proportion of sliding friction due to the design. Furthermore, the product is equipped with anti-corrosion, anti-oxidation and anti-wear additives.



    * not compatible with mineral oils
    * good pressure absorption capacity
    * reduces wear
    * fully synthetic
    * long service life due to good oxidative and thermal resistance
    * excellent viscosity and temperature behavior
    * low coefficient of friction
    * not compatible with some plastics and elastomers, ask about compatibility with special materials if necessary



    * for chains in the high temperature range
    * for gears in industry that run slowly but are heavily loaded
    * for calenders in the plastics industry
    * for chains, drive and conveyor chains, e.g. on conveyor systems, pasteurization systems, fermentation systems, sorting systems, peelers, packaging and labeling machines, shrink tunnels
    * for gears in industry that work under very high ambient temperatures or other unfavorable operating conditions
    * for gears, industrial gears
    * for gears, especially worm gears, as it has better coefficients of friction than conventional gear oils
    * as a heat transfer fluid in pressureless vulcanization, when tempering plastic parts and in the manufacture of printed circuit boards

    Fat base oils: Polyglycol oils (PG)
    Product group: lubricating oils
    Areas of application: industrial gear oils
    Manufacturer: MOLYDUVAL
    packaging unit: 200 liter barrel