DOW 陶氏化学 THERM™ SR-1 传热流体‎ - 55 加仑桶
  • DOW 陶氏化学 THERM™ SR-1 传热流体‎ - 55 加仑桶

DOW 陶氏化学 THERM™ SR-1 传热流体‎ - 55 加仑桶




  • 产品描述
    • 商品名称: DOW 陶氏化学 THERM™ SR-1 传热流体‎ - 55 加仑桶

    DOWTHERMTM SR-1 工业抑制型乙二醇基传热液由陶氏化学公司制造。DOWTHERM SR-1 流体的水溶液旨在为水基闭环供暖和空调系统提供防冻/爆裂和腐蚀保护以及高效的传热。

    DOWTHERM SR-1 流体的工作温度范围为 -60°F 至 250°F;具有低于 -60°F 的流体防冻保护和低于 -100°F 的系统爆裂保护。该流体含有专为 HVAC 系统配制的腐蚀抑制剂,可保持管道不受腐蚀且不会结垢。DOWTHERM SR-1 流体可指定用于新的 HVAC 系统,或作为现有系统的替代流体。该液体被染成荧光粉红色,以便于系统泄漏检测。

    DOWTHERM SR-1 流体还适用于冰储存系统 — 用于从冷却器到储存介质的闭合循环回路;或者,在水的溶液中,在介质本身中。由于 DOWTHERM SR-1 含有乙二醇,吞咽有害或致命,因此应避免直接接触食物或饮用水。 



    General Product Description

    DOWTHERMTM SR-1 industrially inhibited ethylene glycol-based heat transfer fluid is manufactured by The Dow Chemical Company. Aqueous solutions of DOWTHERM SR-1 fluid are designed to provide freeze/burst and corrosion protection, as well as efficient heat transfer, in waterbased, closed-loop heating and air-conditioning systems.

    DOWTHERM SR-1 fluid has an operating temperature range of -60°F to 250°F; with fluid freeze protection to below -60°F, and system burst protection to below -100°F. The fluid contains corrosion inhibitors that are specially formulated for HVAC systems to keep pipes free of corrosion without fouling. DOWTHERM SR-1 fluid can be specified for use in new HVAC systems, or as a replacement fluid for use in existing systems. The fluid is dyed fluorescent pink to facilitate system leak detection.

    DOWTHERM SR-1 fluid is also suitable for ice storage systems— used either in the closed circulation loop from the chiller to the storage medium; or, in solution with water, in the medium itself. Since DOWTHERM SR-1 contains ethylene glycol which is harmful or fatal if swallowed, direct contact with food or drinking water should be avoided.